ScuffProof™ Matte Laminate

Introducing .. ScuffProof™ Matte Laminate

With the same popular flat matte finish as OPP – but offering a bulletproof scuff resistance!










Go ahead, take our scuff test. Ask for a sample, and rub your thumbnail over it – and see for yourself why ScuffProof™ is unprecedented in the book and packaging market. Don’t be afraid to get aggressive with it, our ScuffProof™ laminate can take it. In the end, you’ll see which one is the clear leader, and why we are taking the term “Scuff Free” to a whole new level!

ScuffProof ™ Reduces Spoilage:
As a publisher / printer / folding carton expert, you know how hard transport can be on your finished product. What goes in a package looking clean, crisp, and ready to read can come out on the other side looking banged, scuffed, and abused. With ScuffProof™, you can be assured that your materials will be protected and free from blemishes and burnishes.

ScuffProof ™ is Cost Competitive:
Our exclusive product is priced more aggressively than lesser products on the market, and guarantees a better result.

ScuffProof ™ has 5H Hardness:
Unlike traditional “Scuff Free” laminates that just use a top coating, and can only achieve a 3H hardness, our ScuffProof™ is matte film reengineered at the molecular level and uses no coating. This gives your products the ULTIMATE in protection.

ScuffProof ™ accepts UV, and is Glueable and Stampable:
You can glue it, stamp it, and even spot UV over it, and it will hold up perfectly.