INsight! Window Decal System

Fly above the crowd!

Here’s the best way to produce 2-sided window decals!

Grovetree will supply you either a full block-out or a dead white opaque rigid vinyl stock which we stock in 27 x 38 and 28 x 40 sizes. (Actually any opaque substrate will do, but a water-proof plastic is obviously superior). Just send us the untrimmed press sheets. We supply and apply a crystal clear pressure-sensitive face film with a liner – to create a removable, two-sided window decal!

Get the Grovetree advantage …Grovetree has the GTA’s only fully-automated, high-speed system for applying pressure-sensitive films and opaque backers! And we maintain a large in-house stock of competitively priced base material and adhesive film.INsight_image

Printing Tips: DO NOT use any coatings on the side to be laminated in order to avoid adhesion issues. AQ, varnish or UV coating is ESSENTIAL on the side that will NOT be laminated with re-positionable adhesive. Otherwise, sheets tend to stick together due to ink not being thoroughly dry. They are also more likely to scratch going through our equipment, and will be harder to keep clean in the field.


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If you are unfamiliar with printing on plastic substrates, you can download our helpful information sheet.

Printing on Plastics



This download will give you information on Window Decal Application. Window Decal Application