MetLam Metalized Laminate

Metalized-ChipsOur metalized laminate will make your ideas pop!

Metallized-ToasterWe now offer very cost-effective metalized laminates that you can print on your conventional printing press!

There’s no more large “mill order minimums”, or long wait times. We can metalize virtually any type, size or weight of board in just a few short days! Our sheet-fed lamination system is the perfect choice for shorter runs – anywhere from 500 to 50,000 sheets, up to 28” x 40” size.

It’s simple. You buy whatever weight of substrate board you need for your project – have it shipped to us from the wholesaler – and we will apply the metalized laminate! Your project is ready to go on press in just a few days!


Printing Tips:

Our metalized product is a specially treated metalized polyester. If you are unfamiliar with printing on combining_typeplastic substrates, or want to know how to easily order this product, you can download our helpful information sheets.

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