Specialty Packaging Products

Products for the packaging and folding carton industry

In addition to traditional thin film laminations like OPP and polyester, we now offer GrovetreeGreen, a unique thin eco laminate that gives the same high-end appeal but lets your customers present an environmentally conscious image.

For the premium appearance and quality demanded of today’s folding cartons, we offer SofTouch™ velvet finish, and our new ScuffProof™ that looks like OPP Matte but offers a “bullet proof” scuff resistance!

With our Printable Metalized Laminates there’s no more large “mill order minimums”, or long wait times. We can metalize virtually any type, size or weight of board – in quantities from 500 to 50,000 – in just a few days!

When it comes to Blister Coating, we are one of the few suppliers in the industry with a versatile and effective solvent based coating that can “stick” to a broad range of substrates.

Spend a few short minutes walking through this website, and discover a number of profitable new products that can set you apart as a leader in cost-effective packaging innovation.


Check out the links below and discover the many ways Grovetree can help you be the supplier of choice in your industry.

Grovetree has one of the best production capacities in the country

Featuring the popular flat matte finish of OPP, ScuffProof™ offers the ultimate in protection. It also accepts UV, and is gluable and stampable.!

Our metalized laminate will make your ideas pop!

We offer the only dedicated trade blister coating service in our industry.

Produce theft-proof folding cartons for high-value products.

Moisture and odor barrier in folding carton applications.

Discover a new range of premium laminates designed to stimulate the creative mind!!

A gluable, stampable Gloss OPP that is actually printable as well. Also offers enhanced scuff resistance as compared with regular OPP.

A scuff resistant OPP laminate with a silk finish that enhances colour clarity as compared with matte OPP.

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