Finishing Services

Grovetree can keep more of your jobs under one roof, thus increasing turnaround speed
and reducing your costs.

We can save you time with our auxiliary operations such as cutting, drilling, corner rounding, eyeleting, grommeting, shrink-wrapping and more!

  • Cutting: up to 45″
  • Drilling: 2 machines
  • Corner rounding: various radii
  • Eyeleting: 1/4″ in brass, nichel and black
  • Grommeting: up to 3/4″ in brass and nickel
  • Shrinkwrapping: up to 14″ x 20″
  • Easeling: up to 14″ in stock
  • Taping: paper, magnet, Velcro
  • Slot punching: 2 machines
  • Ball chain: brass and nickel
  • Handwork: collating, creasing, etc.